10 October 2017 – Miner’s Castle to Sand Point

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Today’s hike was a 5.5-hour out-and-back from the Miner’s Castle Trailhead to Sand Point. The trail was very muddy and hard to navigate in some places, but overall a good experience. There was one section of the trail where there had apparently been a tornado or bad storm of some sort, as many huge trees were uprooted and/or corkscrewed. I crossed several creeks and saw four or five small waterfalls. Sand Point was simply a big open beach, the sand coming from years of erosion of the rocks on this side of Lake Superior. Miner’s Castle, on the other hand, is an iconic and often-photographed feature—not unlike Delicate Arch in Utah.

I also saw a lot of red squirrels on this trip, and later learned that red squirrels live for about ten years but have a home range limited to about 200 square yards. Can you imagine spending ten years in an area that small?

The day started out cool, in the mid-40s; by the end of the hike it had climbed to about 55. I wore a stocking cap and gloves for most of the hike.

Here are some photos: