11 October 2017 – Hurricane River and Twelvemile Beach

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Today was a nice hike to the spot where the Hurricane River empties into Lake Superior. I left from Twelvemile Beach Trailhead and hiked north and east, crossing the Hurricane a couple of times before I arrived at the confluence. The day started out cold–about 37 degrees–but warmed up nicely as the sun came out about mid-way through the hike.

After spending some time at that spot, I hiked back to the trailhead and then continued another mile west and south along the route of tomorrow’s hike, which will take me down Twelvemile Beach and into the Beaver Basin Wilderness Area. This will be the longest hike of the week; I’ve been working up to it over the past few days. Twelvemile is very desloate—not at all like the beaches of North Carolina. The weather is supposed to be clear, so I’m hoping to get a nice, long experience in the area.

Not sure what Friday’s plan is. I may try to squeeze in one more short hike, though the weather is a bit uncertain for that day. I also want to pick up some gifts for my family, which I’ll likely have to go to Munising (nearest town) or Marquette (nearest town of any consequence) to find what I want to get. I also need to pack as Friday is my last day in Michigan; I leave on Saturday and will try to drive as far as Charleston, WV that day. That will leave me about 5 hours out of Pittsboro.