13 October 2017 – Leaf Peeping and Road Trip

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No hiking today—instead I took a short truck trip, beginning in Munising and heading west as far as Marquette, MI. The sky was really gray this morning, so I took the opportunity to shoot a few fall colors pictures (it’s been my experience that it’s easier to photograph colorful trees against a gray sky instead of a blue sky). The trip to Marquette was only 60 minutes, so I had time to explore the town a bit and also to look around the campus of Northern Michigan University. On the way back I stopped in AuTrain for a burger and a beer that really hit the spot.

I’m planning on leaving for Pittsboro tomorrow morning about 8:00AM. My plan is reach Charleston WV and then decide what to do from there. If I’m wide awake, I may push on for the final five hours home; once I pass Charleston, though, I have to make my way through the mountains, and I don’t want to do that late at night unless I’m fully alert.

Here are some photos from today: