Truck Camping

Toyota 4Runner Specific


Very Lightweight Popup Campers

Standard Popup Campers

General Truck Gear (matttresses, lights, storage, etc)

Hike/Bike Gear


Bike Hardware

Campsite Gear





  • Cyalume light sticks
  • Lite flare (LF-01)
  • Luminaid inflatable solar camping light

Large-Scale Water


  • Hammock Stand for Eno Hammock
  • 10×10 or larger rain shelter (fit over picnic table, else with floor)
  • tent seam sealer
  • extra-large rainfly rig
  • stuff sack for Stargazer chair
  • extra-large ground tarp

Hot Tent Gear



Home firepit

  • state park grill

Weather Stations


truck install

Yaesu accessories

  • 12-volt charger
  • AA battery pack

Campsite Multi-Band Radio


Car Camping Mattresses

Hammock Camping

Repellants and Medicines

  • Sawyer insect repellant
  • Badger sore muscle cream

MREs and Dehydrated Food


  • Infini-nutrition sports drink


  • inReach mount for truck window
  • high-visibility holster for GPS 64
  • new inReach mini or used Garmin inReach
  • use GEOS via inReach for Search/Rescue insurance; will reimburse me for out-of-pocket expenses related to a S/R event—$17.95/year


  • eyeglass cases/cloths for all packs and bike

Emergency Comms

  • North America satellite phone

First Aid

  • need tackle box/tackle bag for first aid kit (or use small Pelican)
  • neosporin
  • tape
  • gauze pads
  • bandaids
  • bandages
  • 4-inch closure strips
  • ammonia capsules
  • 4×4 sterile dressing pads
  • non-adhering sterile dressings 2×2
  • gauze roll
  • 1-inch adhesive tape
  • multi-tool
  • trauma scissors
  • irrigation syringe
  • cotton swabs
  • antiseptic towelettes
  • cleaning pads with lidocaine
  • moleskin
  • aloe vera gel packets
  • pain relievers
  • immodium
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • SAM splint
  • Israeli bandage


general setup

other accessories and tools

  • LED fog lamps under bumper
  • Solar Showers
  • joystick-controlled spotlight
  • seat covers (
  • battery jumpstarter
  • floor jack/tire change kit
  • WeatherTech floor liners
  • fire extinguisher
  • heavy duty electrical cable and socket box with reel
  • collapsible water hose
  • small shovel
  • 18-volt air wrench (e.g., Ryobi)
  • compressed air storage tank
  • locking tailgate (example)
  • alternative spare tire carrier [bed, grill etc] (example)
  • 1-UP USA bike racks
  • BushWinch
  • inflatable mattress for crew cab (
  • husband pillow for truck mattress
  • large-format GPS

General Technology